"When you can't Stay...

                          We will Sit" 


What time do you visit?

For drop-in cat visits, we generally come between 10-3pm. Timing is based on our other job locations and times. 

For special needs cats we can do 2 visits a day, 9:30am and 4pm

How long do you stay?

Approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the cat. Some cats are stressed out by strangers in the home and we will minimize the stress by quietly taking care of the necessities, check on the cat's welfare and leave. Most cats are very happy to see us and will end up falling asleep on our laps or playing non-stop. 

How do I arrange a visit?

We need to do a Meet and Greet beforehand and let the kitty interview us. We would go over their routine and needs and also any house care that you would like to be done. Access to the home would also be handled (keys or codes).

Currently Accepting Clients within 5 miles of Foothills Mall

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."-Terry Prachett

Visits Include
  • Daily updates with pictures
  • Litter scoop and hairball patrol
  • Medication as needed
  • Fresh food and water
  • Playtime and laptime
  • Health Warranty
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • House care to include mail/trash and plants
  • Packages brought in
  • Security checks
Expert Catbassadors

Cats require more than an occasional litter dump and a food refill. We understand their emotional needs as well. Even the ones who don't want to be pet still like to hear a human voice and have their food "fluffed". 

We have studied the Art of Cat from the best techniques to play with them to the safest ways to pet them without getting caught in the "bear trap". 

cat (kat):

noun: lap warming, affection loving, hallucination chasing, hairball producing, purring machine. Best Friend. 

Feline friends are unique companions. Each one has their own personality from the forever kittens, to the aloof jungle cats whom secretly want their chins scratched.  We love to befriend them all.