"When you can't Stay...

                          We will Sit" 


What time do you visit?

Drop In visit will be between 9am-3pm

How long do you stay?

Approximately 15-20 minutes

How do I arrange a visit?

We need to do a Meet and Greet beforehand. We would go over the pet's routine and needs and also any house care that you would like to be done. Access to the home would also be handled (keys or codes).

All things bright and beutiful

All creatures

great and small. 

Visits Include


  • Daily updates with pictures
  • Habitat Maintenance
  • Fresh food and water
  • Mail and Packages brought in
  • Home Care and Security checks
  • Health Warranty
  • Comprehensive Insurance
Attention to Detail

A lifelong passion with reptiles, birds and pocket pets has provided the knowledge and attention to detail needed to maintain the health and security of your unique companion

pocket pet (pa-kit pet):

noun: a small, non traditional animal kept as a companion animal. Can be fuzzy, scaly or feathered.

Exotic pets have a wide variety of needs. The slightest variation in their environment and diet can be disasterous to their health.