"When you can't Stay...

                          We will Sit" 


Where are you Located?

We are located in Friendsville and provide shuttle service to Maryville, Friendsville, Greenback and Louisville. An address will be provided after the application is received. 

How do I get on the guest list?

Please fill out the pre-screening application so we can evaluate if our set up is right for your pup. https://form.jotform.com/211844641565155

After we receive it we will contact you with any additional questions and to set up a meet and greet where the pup can evaluate us. If they like their visit then we can get them on the books

What Vaccinations do you require?

All dogs must have a current vaccination record on file with us. Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella must be current according your vet’s records. We will accept titers for all vaccines except Bordatella. Dogs must also be on a flea / tick preventative.

Additionally, any signs of coughing or discolored discharges will be asked to find other arrangements unless cleared by a vet.


What should I bring for my dog's stay?

Please just bring food, medication, and a collar with ID. We have toys and beds to share. 

Do you take Puppies?

For the safety of your puppy and the other guests, we ask that you wait until your puppy is at least four months old and fully vaccinated. 

Does my dog need to be fixed?

Since we have a small, social setting we ask that all male dogs over the age of 11 months are neutered. This is for the safety of your dog and all guests.

Female dogs must not be near their cycle. If they go into heat while here, you will be contacted to come pick them up. 

When is Check in/Check out?

If you use our shuttle service we generally do drop offs at 10 am and pick ups at 2 pm. 

We are available for in person drop off and pick up from 7:30-11:30am and 2:30-7:30pm but please make an appointment. This is our home and we may be indisposed if not expecting you. 

Check out is 11:30 am. Dogs who need to stay longer can do so for a daycare fee of $25. Dogs still with us after 7:30pm will be our guest another night.  

What if I need to Cancel?

This service is limited and in high demand. We ask for a $40 deposit per dog to hold the reservation. Please let us know as soon as your plans change so we can offer the spot to another pup. The deposit is non-refundable if reservation canceled with less than a 5 day notice. 

What is the Health Warranty?

We take every precaution to screen each dog for temperament, watch the playgroups closely for rough play and give dogs quiet time and private yardtime as needed. 


There are assumed risks with any group dog activities. Injury can happen under the most vigilant care. Some common injuries are:

Strained muscle or tendons

Broken Nail or tooth

Bites and scrapes

Parasites and Viruses 


We are trained in Pet First Aid and have Vet Tech experience. We would assess any injuries and contact the owner with the incident report. 

We carry an enhanced Business Insurance and any injury sustained while under our care will be treated by a veterinarian. Pre-existing injury and health issues does not fall under this coverage. Disease from the environment or other dogs to include "Kennel Cough" is not covered. Please take the appropriate precautions such as vaccinations. 

New Clients-Please fill out Application to begin the screening process

Off The Leash at Bramble Rock...

Homestyle Boarding 

Petcation destination

All Perks are included
  • Daily updates with pictures
  • Elevated beds or toddler beds to choose from
  • Full size rooms with windows (20'x10')for pups who need a break from the pack
  • Outside play and breaks throughout the day
  • Nature walks
  • Health Warranty
  • Medications and special diets if needed
  • Brushing and cuddling
  • Calming Music and Doggie TV
  • Treats
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing
  • Shuttle Service Offered
  • Weekend Pickup is available
  • Discount for Cat visits and Home Services during their stay
Small but Professional. Experienced and Full Time

Safety, health and mental wellness are our main focus. Our home setting allows us to be with the dogs around the clock. Special needs and elderly pets benefit from our vet tech experience and patience. Young and energetic dogs will love the 14 acres of land to explore on nature walks or romp around in our fenced, shaded dog yard. A dog friendly playroom and doggie guest rooms are great for the fun to continue while inside. Dog enrichment activities and good ol' fashion cuddles round out the day. Quiet time and alone time is available for the pups who need a break. 


(hōm-ˌstī(-ə)l): having qualities such as simplicity, familiarity, and unpretentiousness creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. 

Off The Leash at Bramble Rock offers a kennel-free, home environment in a wooded farm setting. This setting is best for dogs who need a stress free environment with one-on-one attention. Quality over Quantity, we limit the guest dogs to 5 total. This allows us to match similar play styles and age groups for managed interactions.